Procurement of required materials

We offer tailored Procurement Solutions for your facility. Our services include:

Asking the clients for a detailed description of their requirements and budget.

Analysing the details and creating a customized proposal outlining the possibilities within the assigned budget.

Inspecting the building and grounds to identify procurement needs pertaining to safety equipment and preventive maintenance.

Monitoring the facility’s energy consumption, negotiating contracts with suppliers, and suggesting energy-saving measures.

Overseeing operations of the hospitality and customer service staff to keep an eye on supplies and prevent wastage.

Coordinating with vendors during renovation and relocation to ensure efficient use of resources during the process.

Planning the course of action for unexpected situations, e.g., identifying emergency service providers and suppliers.

Preparing scheduled reports for the client, based on observation, findings, progress, and recommendations.

Maintaining transparency by documenting all transactions and securing insurance coverage for high-value purchases.


Our team members have acquired formal training and internationally recognized certifications in their respective domains.


Value refers to the worth of a thing in relation to its cost. At DGS, clients get value for money, no matter which service they choose.


Our clients are informed about the actual costs and allowed to choose tailor-made service bundles that best meet their needs.