Managing manpower and 3rd party contractors on site

Enhance your efficiency with our Manpower and Contractor Management Solutions, that include:

Recruiting and onboarding suitable candidates by conducting interviews and orientations to fill vacancies on time.

Monitoring the performance of staff and contractors, providing feedback, and ensuring the standards are being met.

Identifying the gaps and determining what kind of training is required for staff members at each stage.

Assigning projects to appropriate staff members or contractors, scheduling tasks, and using resources economically.

Evaluating status of the project site and handling logistical requirements for arranging the required manpower or resources.

Ensuring a safe working environment by evaluating onsite conditions and enforcing the health standards and policies.

Assuming responsibility for completing the project in line with the budget, deadlines, and other specifications.

Preparing reports to record observations regarding personnel, contractors, and resources on site for better management.

Establishing effective communication between all stakeholders, documenting the details, and ensuring legal compliance.


Our team members have acquired formal training and internationally recognized certifications in their respective domains.


Value refers to the worth of a thing in relation to its cost. At DGS, clients get value for money, no matter which service they choose.


Our clients are informed about the actual costs and allowed to choose tailor-made service bundles that best meet their needs.