HVAC Engineering

We offer top-notch HVAC Engineering Services that include:

Designing the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in accordance with the needs of your facility.

Installation of HVAC equipment in a professional manner to ensure its smooth and seamless operation.

Identification of your equipment’s operational requirements with respect to electrical, mechanical, and control systems.

Troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance services in response to issue(s) that may arise in your existing equipment.

Efficient handling of latest equipment so that your modern HVAC systems can be fixed or installed without any hassle.

Integration of all HVAC equipment in compliance with the relevant codes and standards to prevent potential hazards.

Examination and cleaning of ductwork to maintain the quality of air within your facility.

Inspection and maintenance of all mechanical components to ensure they meet minimum performance standards.

Upgrading the existing HVAC systems by replacing or adding certain components to save costs and improve performance.


Our team members have acquired formal training and internationally recognized certifications in their respective domains.


Value refers to the worth of a thing in relation to its cost. At DGS, clients get value for money, no matter which service they choose.


Our clients are informed about the actual costs and allowed to choose tailor-made service bundles that best meet their needs.