Premium Catering Solutions:

With more than 30 years of experience, Dynamic General Services (DGS) excels in every aspect of Food & Beverage delivery at your chosen site. Our services range from large-scale contract catering to meeting the cuisine requirements of Michelin Star banquets.

We have been able to stay at the top of the game because of our ability to adapt to ever-changing preferences and propose unique culinary concepts and advice. Some of our projects that are worth mentioning include designing the entire catering strategy for RED SEA GLOBAL and proposing multiple street food concepts to MDL BEAST for 750,000 guests.

We are now thinking of adopting the multi-venue management approach which involves a central production facility. While this will help us deliver a standardized taste and quality to all facilities, it will also result in lower overhead costs because we will only have to bear rent, utility bills, and operational costs for the centralized location. Therefore, we are planning to set up a ghost kitchen, where we will prepare different international cuisines under one roof, and the menu will be tweaked daily. The food will then be delivered to the facility’s refreshment area. If your location does not already have a service point, we can set up an alternative for that too!

In case you are wondering regarding the variety of food available, we would love to let you know that we can provide Arabic, American, British, Barbecue, Thai, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese cuisines.

Central Production:

ONE kitchen to produce for all three locations. Dynamic General Services (DGS) will invest SR1m to drop in an ISO 22000 and HACCP-compliant kitchen into the Ronda location.


This will be our Ghost kitchen with the ability to produce every cuisine and also prepare healthy snacks and sandwiches.


  • The servery point to be confirmed whether you wish us to use the existing Tamini location or set up an alternative.
  • This will have the ability to serve coffee shop items if required. Residents will be able to self-order at the counter, pre-order via the app, or have their food delivered to their apartments
  • Imagine having the choice of Talabat restaurant options but in-house. This, in essence, is a ghost kitchen.
  • Initially, we will concentrate on a small number of dishes with a fresh new theme menu every night. The daily theme will rotate and prepare the basics for all locations. General items such as sandwiches, salads, and bakery items will always be available and restrictions for the school will be required to comply with MOE.
  • On top of this for Ronda and BQ we will run monthly themed brunches. On a Thursday at BQ and on a Friday at Ronda. These again will change constantly to ensure variety and something for everyone.

    To give you an idea of the variety of food that we can provide we can provide Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Arabic, American and British as well as provide open-air BBQs.