Contract and quotes valuation and recommendations

Gain competitive edge with our Contract and Quotes Valuation Service, that offers:

Vendor selection based on best value for money after careful consideration of experience, capabilities, and pricing of each.

Analysis of all the bids, quotes, and proposals received to help the client make an informed decision.

Evaluation of the terms and conditions of a potential contract with a vendor, that the client is considering signing.

Ensuring there is no catch in the legalese of a potential contract, and it is in accordance with all the regulations.

Interpretation of each aspect of the proposed project and making recommendations to the client accordingly.

Providing consultation to the client with respect to cost-saving opportunities and efficiency measures.


Our team members have acquired formal training and internationally recognized certifications in their respective domains.


Value refers to the worth of a thing in relation to its cost. At DGS, clients get value for money, no matter which service they choose.


Our clients are informed about the actual costs and allowed to choose tailor-made service bundles that best meet their needs.