We ensure your facility looks spotless and tidy. Our cleaners are responsible for:

Maintenance of the overall hygiene and cleanliness of your building.

Sanitization of surfaces and touchpoints via special cleaning solutions.

Regular mopping and cleaning of washrooms and toilets.

Degreasing and cleaning of kitchen floor, countertops, stovetops, and utensils.

Tidying up workstations, passageways, and other areas, both inside and outside the building.

Efficient use of machines such as floor buffers and scrubbers to keep your premises safe and sparkling clean.

Removal of dirt, debris, and dust from carpets, rugs, and furniture via vacuum cleaning.

Mopping of extended areas such as the porch, and careful scrubbing of components like windows, doors, and walls.

Execution of daily tasks such as emptying the trash receptacles and putting them back in place, as and when needed.


Our team members have acquired formal training and internationally recognized certifications in their respective domains.


Value refers to the worth of a thing in relation to its cost. At DGS, clients get value for money, no matter which service they choose.


Our clients are informed about the actual costs and allowed to choose tailor-made service bundles that best meet their needs.