About Us

Dynamic General Services in a Nutshell

At Dynamic General Services (DGS), our core objective is helping corporations across the Middle East through exceptional facility management and business advisory services. Our team of experts is fully invested in your organization’s success. We consider ourselves to be your advisors and help you achieve your goals via tailored solutions that are not only cost-effective, but also align with your company’s culture and context of the matter at hand.

Ongoing FM Projects

Our People
Global Experience, Local Knowledge

Whilst we are a relatively new company, our founders bring over 40 years of Fortune 100 experience, over 2 decades working at executive level in the Middle East and Africa, and years of experience on the ground successfully operating in SaudiArabia.

CompetenceDrives Productivity

We hire our people based on their capability to deliver on the outcomes we set for ourselves and for our clients:

  • Competence and capability,ratherthan lowest possible salary.

  • Ethicalpay across all levels of our business.

Engaged, competent people will always provide better service and much higher productivity than masses of people paid atthe lowest possible price.

Our Passion
Great Relationships Deliver Value

We want to build long-term client relationships because the better we know each other, the better we can deliver. Built on a foundation of honesty and an open book policy, we are driven to ensure all parties are treated fairly and are delighted with what they receive. Quality is a given, no matter what the price of the menu or the level of service.

  • This is what makes us different!
  • This is who we are!
Let's change the way we do business in the Middle East.
Show our clients exactly what they pay for and deliver what we promise.

Business Advisory Services for the Modern Middle East

Why Advisory Services?

Businesses turn to Advisory Services when they need a fresh perspective, or when they have identified a challenge that they want support to overcome.

Advisors or Consultants?

Advisors provide businesses with experienced resources that work alongside the business, working together to achieve a defined outcome. Imagine Advisor support as short/medium-term strategic reinforcements that help a business to achieve a specific goal.

Consultants most commonly sell a model and look for ways to fit the business into that model.

Why Advisors?

Advisors provide expertise and experience, working with the business to find the solution that best fits with the business culture and context.

Every one of us at Dynamic General Services (DGS) has been part of an operating business, starting at the bottom and working our way to the top, building experience and context the hard way.

Why DGS?

When we stand next to you, we have been there before. More importantly, we understand that every business is unique and that there is no perfect model or single approach that will effectively address every challenge. The goal is to achieve your outcome, not the implementation of a model.

Advisory Streams

The Dynamic General Services (DGS) team represents decades of Subject Matter Experience in Life Support Services. In addition, Dynamic General Services (DGS) brings to its clients, access to a network of proven specialists, specialists we have chosen to work with time and time again. Together, this creates a comprehensive support infrastructure capable of effectively addressing almost any challenge in our chosen sphere of business.

Catering & Facilities Management

Catering – Laundry – Accommodation – General & Office Cleaning – Special Cleaning – Service staff

Operations Solution Design & Planning.
  • Design & workflow review
  • Staffing requirements & mobilisation
  • Operational management
  • Operation and SOP manual
  • ISO accreditation
  • HACCP accreditation
  • HSE & First Aid
Project oversite/ facilities construction.
  • Project oversight management on the construction of the facilities

  • Supply of MEP drawings based on the required concept specifications

  • Supply of Fit out drawings based on the required concept specifications

Contract Catering
  • Menu review
  • Recipe & cost analysis
  • Menu development & design
  • Food & nutrition studies
  • Legal compliance
  • Coffee Shop Operation
  • Contract Catering
  • VIP Event Catering
  • Oil & Gas Catering
  • Remote Camp Operation
Facilities Management
  • Kitchen
  • Dining halls
  • Buffet and service points
  • Coffee shops
  • Bespoke equipment
  • Hotel rooms & fit-out
  • Executive, short & long term accommodation
  • Staff, short & long-term
  • Total Facilities Management

The Win-Win Approach

Dynamic General Services (DGS) focusses on a collaborative win, such that our clients and our team are mutually on board with precise, pre-defined outcomes. Our underlying principles are:


We promise reliability and satisfaction, so you know that your investment is worth it.

  • Our team members have acquired formal training and internationally recognized certifications in their respective domains.
  • We prioritize safety of our clients and employees, hence ensure traceability of our materials. When it comes to catering, we maintain strict adherence to ISO 22001 standards.

Our dedication to fulfil promises ensures that clients receive exactly what they were expecting.

  • Inability to meet objectives or overachieving targets, both reflect that a clear outcome was not established.
  • Value refers to the worth something holds for you in relation to the cost involved, regardless of the level of product or service.
  • Maintaining a reasonable profit margin of 15%, Dynamic General Services (DGS) offers value for money and prioritizes long-term partnerships.

We do not betray clients via loss leader pricing, excess contingency deductions, or hidden profits.

  • Consider knowing the actual costs and having a chance to make informed decisions while choosing tailor-made service bundle(s) for your business.
  • Our partnerships hold a great significance for us, and our commitment to preserve relationships give our clients the confidence that we will be there for them.